We include everything essential for you to create your new cabin structure. The entire kit is neatly packaged on a pallet system that can be shipped anywhere. Everything in the kit is already precision milled to fit together perfectly with minimal fasteners and features our premium double tongue and groove InterStack Log™ wall system with integrated CrossLock Corners™ All of the main parts are also individually ID numbered so it’s easy for you to understand where everything goes when you assemble it.

You can purchase this kit as a DIY project and assemble it yourself. All you will need to provide is a level foundation base and your choice of roof covering material.

You can also choose to purchase this kit with an “Assembly Package” add on and we will come to your property and do it all for you in as little as one day. Our assembly package includes Delivery + Assembly + Ondura Roof covering panels.
*Assembly packages are subject to site inspection for price confirmation and require an approved client supplied foundation base

Read below to learn even more details about each model plus you can download useful manuals, spec sheets and foundation base plans.

Assembly options

We make it easy as possible for you to assemble and create your very own cabin structure. Our kits are all pre cut and pre measured and we provide plenty of resources below in the “how to section” such as videos, manuals we even give you a foundation base plan to follow.

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? That’s ok, let us come to your property and assemble it all for you in as little as one day. Our assembly package includes Assembly + Ondura Roof covering panels. You will still need to provide the foundation base of your choice. We provide you with an easy to build wooden foundation base plan below in our “how to assemble” section.

*Assembly packages are subject to site inspection, travel distance and price confirmation. You can add the assembly package to your cart here or add it after at anytime by contacting us. One of our professional assembly agents will need to connect with you regardless to discuss your site and to make sure you are within the assembly region area.

Complete deck building and foundation bases and other related services may also be offered through our select agents in your area. Connect with our customer service team for a telephone consultation at anytime if required.

We are always available to help. Complete customer care from real live professionals via email, text message and telephone any time you need it.

New heating and air conditioning option


Introducing a new ingenious heating and A/C solution that plugs into a standard 110V outlet and provides up to 11,600 BTU cooling and heating in one compact single unit. Can be installed from inside the space in just a few minutes + integrated bluetooth for remote activation and control.

The Maestro Smart Heat Pump is an ideal cooling solution for any time of year and offers heating capabilities during shoulder seasons in temperatures down to - 15 C or 5 F

Maestro Smart 9 HP Model# 01721DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET
Maestro Smart 12 HP Model# 01925DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET

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Watch the installation video
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Setting up a foundation base is the first step in starting your project. It is important your structure rests on a level well-built foundation. Choose a location that has good drainage and allows for adequate clearance around the perimeter for assembly.

Your structure can sit on uneven ground as long as you take the necessary steps to level the foundation. There are many types of foundations you may elect to use. You may choose to build our structures on an existing or new level platform such as a deck, patio, driveway, gravel base, concrete slab or pressure treated timbers on grade. Our suggestion is for you to construct a very simple wooden pressure treated deck frame supported on grade by using pre-formed deck block footings or patio slabs.

You may choose an alternate foundation footing such as screw piles or poured concrete to suit your building site needs.

We have provided you with a complete detailed building plan to create a wooden foundation base for this model. See the “How to assemble resources” section for download.


We are often asked if our structures are insulated. Many of our clients are very happy using our structures with no insulation at all. A decent heat source inside the structure usually is capable to heat up the small space adequately even in colder climates.

The solid wood InterStack Log™ wall system we use to create the main structure of our kits ranges in thickness from 44mm to 90mm thick (depending on the model) The R value of softwood is rated at roughly 1.41 per inch or 1.41 per 2.54 cm However the real hero with solid wooden log structures is the walls thermal mass properties.

When the interior space of your structure is heated the walls act as thermal mass ( think of a large natural thermal battery) Your heat source warms the air and in turn the wood walls absorb and retain a certain amount of that heat and is able to release it back into the structure over time. This is something typical forms of insulation can not do and is unique to solid wood or stone structures. Given the thermal mass properties mentioned we do not feel it is imperative for you to insulate the walls of your structure.

If desired you may elect to insulate the roof of your structure from the outside. This can easily be done by strapping the outside roof with additional lumber and laying in rigid foam insulation panels before you install your chosen roof coverings. This method will help eliminate heat escape in colder climates and reduce the heat intake in warmer climates. This outside insulating method will also allow you to maintain your beautiful interior pine ceiling.

You may choose to also insulate the floor by installing rigid insulation panels into the floor cavity before you apply the floor boards. A quality and appropriate matched heating or cooling source will keep you comfortable in most climates all year long.

Most clients are very happy enjoying their structures with no insulation at all however its your choice to decide what suites your needs

Example of do it yourself rigid foam roof insulation installation

Exterior roof top

Apply plastic vapor barrier or ice and water shield

Add strapping in a thickness to fit your desired rigid foam panel

PL glue rigid foam insulation to plastic and cover with roof paneling

Example of do it yourself rigid foam floor insulation installation

Apply sill gasket under starter strips if applying directly to concrete (not needed on wood frame base)

Position starter strips supplied face down on your foundation base

Insert rigid foam between starter strips

Cover with plastic vapor barrier and begin to assemble your structure


Your kit includes all the essential parts to your roof structure such as roof beams and beautiful tongue and groove ceiling/ roof sheathing. However we do not include roof covering protection materials such as shingles or steel panels in our DIY kit packages.

We do include ONDURA roof covering panels for all of our “Assembly Packages” We highly recommend you consider ONDURA roofing panels for your own DIY assembly. ONDURA products offer a lightweight and attractive solution for roofing projects and are very economical and relatively quick to install. ONDURA is made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather protection barrier.

Refer to your manual for details of exactly how much area there is to cover on each side of the roof and how many ONDURA panels you will need for this project

Download and view more information about the new & improved Ondura roof panels

www.ondura.com Available at Home Depot

Wood Protection / Staining

It is important to protect the EXTERIOR of your new structure. We highly recommend Cutek Extreme which is a super penetrating oil product. It is very easy to apply with a brush and takes about 90 minutes to complete the exterior. Cutek offers super protection from the elements while providing a beautiful luster to our wood. One Gallon of Cutek Extreme typically is enough for two coats on most structures. Tints are available if desired but we love the natural tone.

www.cutekstain.com– available at Home Hardware and select retailers

IMPORTANT: The interior of your structure does not require any wood protection other than adding a polyurethane to the floor to avoid scuffing


Plumbing: We do not offer plumbing services, however all of our structures can easily accommodate your plumbing needs via installation through any local licensed plumber.

Electrical: We do not offer electrical services, however our structures can easily accommodate any of your electrical needs such as outlets and lighting. Your best solution to install wiring and electrical in our solid log wall structure is by way of pipe style conduit or baseboard boxes. These solutions can easily be provided and installed through any local licensed electrician.