What can the structure be used for?

All of our Structures are perfect for many uses such as a shed shed, man cave, hot tub enclosure, pool cabana, camping cabin, sauna, home office, yoga studio, art studio, games room, hunting camp, fishing camp or anything else you can dream of!

Do I need a permit?
The Hillcrest, Hillson double and single door do NOT require a permit.
However, we recommend you call your city to confirm building and permit restrictions.
Can I build the structure myself?
Yes! Our structures comeas a pre-packaged kit. We make it easy for you by pre-cutting and notching all of the interlocking lumber, then we ID number stamp each piece of lumber for easy to follow assembly.
Instructions and visual aids are also included to assist you in the assembly process.
How long does it take to build?

The structures can be built in one day or you can take it slow and go at your own pace.

Can you build the structure for me?
Yes! We will come deliver and assemble all in one day anywhere in Ontario.
Our assembly packages also comes with Ondura roof finishing. (www.ondura.com)
You will need to have the level base complete before we arrive.
Are there delivery options?

We delivery anywhere in Ontario! Please contact (416) 407-6501 for pricing.

Can I pick up my order? What is the address?
Yes! Pick up is free at our Milton warehouse.
The address is 2-8400 Parkhill Dr. Milton, ON, L9T 5V7
We will load the skid into your trailer.
You will need a 6’ x 12' open back trailer that can carry 2200 lbs.
Can I view the structure in person?
Yes! We have show models located at 43 Main St South, Campbellville, ON, L0P 1B0.
If you would like to take a look inside please contact (416) 407- 6501.
What type of wood are the structures made of?
Our structures are made of 44mm European Pine.
It is super durable and is a very dense soft wood.
What is included in every unit?
We include everything you need such as...
• All wood components pre-cut, notched and labeled
• 44 mm thick walls
• 44 mm thick wood floor
• Windows with hardware
• Doors with hinges and handles
• Roof structure with beams and 19 mm sheathing - (steel cladding or shingles not included)
• Hardware
• Illustrated assembly guide
What do I need to buy separately?
Ondura roofing and installation is only included in our assembly packages.
No shingles are included in the kit.
We recommend installing Ondura roofing material which is available at Home Depot.
It is high quality, looks great and is fast to install. (www.ondura.com)
You will also need to buy paint, stain or oil.
We recommend Outdoor wood protection product.
What tools are required for assembly?

You will need...

• Hammer

• Nail punch

• Rubber mallet

• Tape measure

• Drill

• Square screwdriver bit (#2 for screw #8 and #3 for screw #10)

• Bit, 3/16

• Level, 48”

• Ladder, 16’

• Saw (optional)

What type of base do I need to install it on?
You should assemble this structure on a flat level base of some kind.
A simple frame using 2" x 6" on grade with deck blocks is an easy solution.
You can also assemble the structure on an existing deck, patio or concrete slab.
What type of roof do I need?
You will need to have shingle, metal or asphalt roofing.
We recommend installing Ondura roofing material which is available at Home Depot.
It is high quality, looks great and is fast to install. (www.ondura.com)
Can I run electricity?

Yes! You can wire it up very easily.

Can the structures be winterized?

Yes! You can easily insulate the roof and floor with styrofoam if you desire. The walls are 44mm thick and act as thermal mass which is able to absorb and release heat back into the structure. Most heat loss occurs through the roof and Windows/Doors which are all easily upgradable to double pane versions.

Is there a warranty? What does it cover?
We offer a two-year warranty on all our parts (excluding broken glass after delivery).
We also offer a 30 Days refund on all purchases.
Do I need to finish the interior or exterior wood? What do I use?
You will need to oil, stain or paint the exterior of the structure to protect it.
We recommend using our Outdoor wood protection available on our website called Cutek. The inside does not require any treatment.
How much does it cost to get a customized version?
The cost will depend on size and complexity of the structure.
Please contact us at (416) 407-6501 or sales@sawmillstructures.com for a free quote.
How do I contact Sawmill Structures?
Call or Text anytime: (416) 407-6501
Email: sales@sawmillstructures.com
Visit and chat through our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sawmillstructures/