Stair-Wall™ – Fold Flat Wall Ladder Upgrade 94″

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Upgrade from the included ladder in your bunkie to Sawmill Structures™ very own patent pending wall mounted fold out ladder!
The Stair Wall™ is the ultimate space saving ladder system upgrade for lofted structures.

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Introducing Stair-Wall™

Sawmill Structures™ is very proud to introduce Stair-Wall™ our patent pending fold out wall mounted ladder.

Stair-Wall™ is the ultimate space saving fold out ladder system that looks like a sleek modern staircase and functions as sturdy ladder. It’s the perfect solution for small lofted structures and is also a great solution many other tiny structures and spaces that require second level access.

Stair-Wall™ is super easy to operate, beautiful to look at and made from premium laminated wood materials that are incredibly strong!

To operate the Stair-Wall™ simply pull down anywhere on the integrated recessed rail handle and the flattened system effortlessly glides out from the wall into a spectacular 3-dimensional functional ladder. Quickly create more space after use by gently pushing upwards on the rail and Stair-Wall™ will disappear perfectly flat back into the wall again.

Stair-Wall™ is precession milled from our ultra-premium extremely strong laminated Baltic Birch plywood which is machine sanded and coated in a beautiful smooth clear satin finish. Includes all hardware and features ultra-heavy duty 25” wide Birch steps with wide tread grips and easy levelling adjusters. Installation couldn’t be easier as the entire unit comes flat packed fully assembled in two pieces and requires only 8 fasteners so you can install everything in minutes.

Stair-Wall™ is available in various stock sizes Our standard 87.25” height to fit our lofted models such as HillGRAND XL, Ontario and Jumbo Grand models.

We also manufacture 94” 98” options to fit many off brand bunkie models or applications.

Custom size manufacturing is also available to fit any requirement!

All Stair-Wall™ ladders come standard as a fixed right side drop wall mount as shown in the photos.

Standard right side drop means the wall is on your right side when climbing the ladder.

if you require a custom left side drop (this means the wall is on your left side when climbing the ladder)  please let us know when ordering and we can accommodate you.

Affordable, beautiful, simple and functional! Stair-Wall™ is definitely a next level addition to your tiny space! Pick up or shipping available. Dealers welcome!

Ladder safe working load: 300 lbs
Shipping dimensions: 10’ x 34” x 2” – 75 lbs

Backwall clearance:  You will require a minimum of 48 3/4” clearance from any back wall to top tread. Also allow for at least an additional 18” of floor space for a bottom landing area past this 48 3/4” requirement. 

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87 3/4” tall ( Fits models HillGRAND XL, Ontario Grand, Jumbo Grand ), 98” Tall ( Fits many off brand models and applications )